New To Content Creation? These Apps Will Help You Track And Manage Your Growth

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Being a content creator is one of those things that always seems easier from the outside. Although it’s very rewarding, it can also be a challenge to keep an eye on all these various social media platforms, engage everywhere, be consistent when it comes to posting, and just having an idea of how well you’re doing. Here’s a list of apps that make these tasks and easier.


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When you’ve just started out as a content creator, it’s recommended to stick to just one social media network. However, if you have accounts on multiple social media sites, having a tool that allows you to manage all of them in one place is convenient. Hootsuite allows you to manage numerous social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook Pages, Instagram, WordPress, and many others. With Hootsuite, you can create and schedule content on these sites which also opens up the possibility of batch creating content.


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Tweetdeck is simple enough that you wouldn’t expect as much from it as it delivers. Although you can only use Tweetdeck to manage Twitter accounts, it’s still a very powerful tool for the social media site. The best thing about Tweetdeck is that everything happens on one screen. You can manage your notifications, messages, activity, and scheduled tweets all in one real-time window.


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Buffer is similar to Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, but it shines when you use it for scheduling. Instead of having to schedule every individual post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, with Buffer, you can just add your posts to a queue and a post will automatically go out at one of your scheduled posting times. Not having to schedule every post takes a lot of stress off, which you definitely need less of as a new content creator.



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