5 Game-Changing Fashion Tips For Plus Sized Women

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Regardless of your size, any woman who has confidence in herself and her body is beautiful. We believe in styling tips because even when you do find clothes that fit your body, you want to know styling tricks that will make those clothes look flattering on your full figure. You don’t need to hide behind those boring outfits because you’re afraid of how others will look on you. Here are 5 styling tips that will change the game for you.

1. Invest in good shapewear

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Every lady needs tight-fitting underwear made to control and shape their figure. Wearing this type of underwear tucks the extra skin in while smoothing the stomach area so it looks flatter. If you want an outfit to look flattering, conceal it from underneath.

2. Draw attention to your top part

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Usually, plus-sized women have fuller chest areas so it’s a good idea to wear dresses or tops that emphasize your top part like clothes with ruffles or designs around that part. Don’t go overboard with it by showing a lot of cleavage. When you draw attention to your top part, it draws people’s eyes away from the stomach area.

3. Buy clothes that fit

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You need to strike the right balance between fitted and too tight. You don’t want to be squeezed into a dress but you want the dress to be fitted well on your body. Your underwear and underwear lines shouldn’t be visible. Wearing clothes smaller than your size will make you look even bigger than you actually are. Wearing big baggy clothes will have the same effect.

4. Know your body type

STYLECASTER | black women plus size fashion
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Being plus-sized isn’t a body type. There are different body types including hourglass, rectangle, apple, inverted triangle and pear-shaped. Knowing your body type will help styling yourself easier as each body type has certain fabrics and styles that look best on them. Click here to know more.

5. Lengthen your legs

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Invest in heels, cropped tops and longer pants to give the illusion of height. Avoid shoes with straps around the ankles—they can make legs look shorter. 

Last but not least, tailor your clothes when necessary. If the dress doesn’t fit well, don’t wear it like that. Get it tailored to fit you. We hope these tips help.

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