Samuel Obeng Badu Writes: Render Account On Monies Spent And Services Provided To UG Students

Samuel Obeng Badu

I call on the leadership of the Students Representative Council and the University of Ghana Parliament to put some system in place to ensure that students can always communicate with them about issues they like and dislike and also to render a proper account of their service to the University community and also grant students the authority to question them about their services

In a meeting with Jonelle Mate-Kojo, an SRC General Secretary aspirant, and the manager of Miss. Priscilla Asantewaa Ayeh, a presidential aspirant on two different occasions, I advised these two aspirants that, they should note that theirs is not to be voted for so that the students come to serve them but the opposite.

University Of Ghana legon
The Balme Library, University Of Ghana. Photo credit: UG.EDU.GH

I continued to advise them that in every decision they take as Student leaders too, they must consider or make the welfare of the students, their priority.

I think it’s about time also that we charge the Current Student Leaders, specifically the leadership of the Students Representative Council and that of the University of Ghana Parliament house to come to the open and render a detailed account to the students of the University community where the student will have the right to question them on services provided and monies spent

I think students have the right to do so because it’s their dues paid that the SRC work with.

About Samuel Obeng Badu:

Samuel Obeng Badu, best known as Bro. Samuel, is a final year Social Work student at the Univesity of Ghana.

A former External and Internal Affairs chairman of the University of Ghana Parliament House, Samuel is a hard-working and dynamic leader who aims at becoming an eye of Ghana and Africa someday.

source: Samuel Obeng Badu

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