Here’s The Wash Day Routine To Follow If You Have Locs

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A number of people believe that people with locs, especially the dreadlocks community hardly wash their hair but this is very false. A lot of people with locs are very intentional with their haircare. You may not have to spend time handling your natural hair in its afro form but you’ll still have to care for it.

First things first, your locs have to be clean in order for them to knot. Oil and dirt prevent the hair from knotting properly and so keeping your hair clean is extremely important for your locs.

Secondly, how often you have your hair washed is entirely dependent on you and the type of activities you carry out during the day. You can wash it weekly if you tend to sweat a lot or bi-monthly. We do not advise that you go long periods without washing it.

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The most basic products you’ll need are a clarifying shampoo and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). With the shampoo, it’s important to NOT get very creamy ones as they build up because of their oils and conditioning agents; ultimately, they will stick to your dreads and turn into gunk because of the residues they leave. If there’s residue, thicker locs tend to dry properly and tighten.


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1. Loosen oil, build-up and debris in your locs by diluting your ACV with a lot of water. This mixture can be put in an applicator bottle and applied on the scalp.

2. Squeeze some clarifying shampoo into your hands and work it into the shaft of your locs and scalp. Wash the ends of the locs by rubbing them together while the shampoo is applied.

What about conditioners?

The main use of conditioners is to remove knots and make the hair softer and easier to manage. The whole point of locs is for sections of your hair to knot together. Conditioners do the exact opposite of that as they leave behind a thin film which reduces the hair’s ability to create friction.

Instead of using conditioners, you can use an ACV rinse. It softens the hair and reduces itchiness on the scalp but it can loosen the locs so try to reduce the frequency.


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