5 Day-to-Day Bills That Sneakily Finish Your Money

The thing about adulting is, it will take you by surprise to discover the prices of the regular stuff your parents always made sure were home. You remember all the fights over the tv remote and now you are buying energizer batteries for 50gh and you are crying? Over what dear? What happened to your fighting spirit?? Here are 5 day to day items that will force you into getting a glucose guardian.

1. Food.

It all starts with an itch in the throat for something foreign and unfamiliar. That’s how you go from managing your plain rice and stew to spending 70gh in one night all in the name of “spoiling yourself.”

2. Sanitary Products.

Have you ever rushed to the washroom only to realise you are out of T-roll?? Has your soap broken into two tiny pieces for you to mold them together to use for one more day? If you can’t relate go on your knees and say a prayer for your parents.

3. Airtime.

If you were to put all that bundle money into an account, you would have built a 5 bedroom house in East Legon by now. It is not even like you have a sweetun texting you, but you are always online and these Telcos will not stop stealing and increasing their bundle prices. The cement and blocks money you have sacrificed to watch Netflix too, it is taking two hours to load an episode??

4. Transportation.

Whether it is troski you use or Uber/Bolt you will still feel this in your pocket because every rising sun comes with an increase in fuel prices and you can trust Uber/Bolt to insert the “increase in demand” tag.

5. Bag of Water.

You would laugh but have you ever come home from work and you cannot even find one sachet of water? You’d think 4gh is no money till you have to scrap the bottom of your pocket for it.

In case you cannot handle all this pressure, you can get yourself a glucose guardian or click on the link below and secure your baby girl life.

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Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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