5 Annoying Kinds Of People Who Deserve Lashes

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Have you ever sat down and thought about how you would lash sense into certain people if you had the chance? There are some things that we all should know when it comes to courtesy and just general sense but some of these people don’t care. They just do what they like when they like. If you’re part of our list, change!

1. Video calling people out of the blue when you don’t even know each other

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Especially those on Instagram. You’re even lucky that you got a follow from me and now you want to video call me when we’ve not had any prior conversation? For what reason??

2. You enter a girl’s DM only when she posts a nice picture

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Pretty pictures always bring the boys into the yard and if you’re one of those boys, you need special prayers. Why? Because technically, you forgot she even existed until you saw that picture. You know yourself. Change!

3. You have different sexual partners and you like doing it raw

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If you don’t have a friend to tell you, we are telling you. It’s a recipe for a disaster. Don’t let the devil deceive you because of enjoyment oh! By the time you’re done, you’ll have a baby and you won’t know who it’s for.

4. You want a sugar daddy who doesn’t want “sugar” from you

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Aunty, can we be serious here? There’s no free lunch. Please advise yourself and align yourself properly.

5. You want a rich boyfriend but your account is not balancing

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You can defend yourself all you want but this situation doesn’t look good sis. A relationship is not meant to take you out of poverty.

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