4 Examination Hacks You Should Always Have In Your Back-pocket

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Dread it, run from it, your exams will come all the same. And it’s always a stressful time, even for the best of students. If you’re looking for a little extra help to get through this exam season, we’ve got some hacks that are going to come in handy.

Stick Important Snippets Somewhere You’ll Always See Them

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There are usually important things that you have to memorize rather than understand. Including dates, locations, and some very important formulas. With things like that there’s a lot of pressure to chew them before the paper. What you can do instead, is write them on a piece of paper, or sticky note, and put them somewhere that you’ll always see them like on your mirror or door days before the paper. That way they’ll become part of your routine and you’ll have an easier time remembering them.

No All Nighters

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Sleeping around 3am or 4am when you have a paper in the morning is just putting too much pressure on yourself. If you think there’s a lot of material to cover start as eary as possible and then revise before sleep the day before the paper. Not being rested doesn’t help when you’re finally sitting behind that paper.

Find A Group Of Coursemates That You Can Talk To

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During the examination period, you want to be talking to your coursemates as much as possible. Even better if there’s some of them close to you that can study with. You want to be in the loop anytime that there’s new information, and study groups also make it way easier to remember what you’ve learnt.

Make Room For Breaks In Your Study Schedule

The reason that you might start getting distracted and losing focus after you’ve been studying for a while is because you aren’t taking any breaks. Sitting for long periods consecutively doens’t prove anything to anyone and it doesn’t really help your grades. Taking a 5 minute break after 25 minutes of studying will keep you motivated for longer and allow you to be more focused.

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