PEC Institute Embarks On ‘The Before SHS Drive’ To Prepare JHS 3 Students For SHS

The PEC Project. Photo credit: PEC Institute

As part of The PEC Institute’s various projects, they recently embarked on ‘The Before SHS Drive’ initiative, where they engaged the JHS 3 students of Pediatokoper D/A as they prepare for their progression into the senior high school level.

The PEC Project

The PEC institute visited the school located in an island community at Ada, and the students were educated on the various courses, their respective core and elective subjects, as well as, the things to consider when choosing a program.

They also taught the students about personal hygiene. The girls, for instance, were given sanitary pads and they were taught how to properly fix and dispose of their menstrual pads.

The team also shared toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving stick, and reusable PEC branded nose masks.

The PEC Project. Photo credit: PEC Institute

About The PEC Institute

PEC Institute was founded by Bridget Bonnie, a media entrepreneur and the first female SRC president of Wisconsin International University College (WIUC), Ghana. The Institute embarks on educational and career development projects with a primary focus on amplifying the human resource potentials of young people in rural communities, by leveraging on educational, career mentoring and vocational skills development initiatives.


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