8 Memes That Perfectly Describe How We Feel About Mondays

Who decided the weekend had to be two days? Make it make sense, because how do we work for 5 days and get just two days off. You settle into the two-day habit of waking up at 10 am and all of a sudden, it’s back to the 5 am routine, because Accra traffic. Check out 8 memes you’d definitely relate to if you had to wake up at 5 am today.

  1. Why do you have to close your eyes on Sunday for Monday to come. It is really the audacity and the disrespect to appear in someone’s plans. Who called you? Can you proceed to the next sleeper sir?? Excuse me? Hello??

2. Monday teasing you because your alarm didn’t ring this morning and it could be that you are up earlier than usual.

3.If you don’t leave here now my friend? Does it feel like I invited you today??

4. I want to bribe you Sir. Just leave me today and come two times next week? I will give up Friday for you dear.

5. When you pray to God it is just a dream so it is still 1:24 am and you don’t have to wake up.

6. When you finally accept that God has abandoned you over your many sins and realize Monday is here to stay and there is nothing you can do, except to pack your bags and go to work.

7. Now you have to channel your tears and go to work because monkey dey work, baboon dey chop and the baboons are your landlord, and your life.

8. When you enter the office and the first thing your boss says is to submit the monthly report at 10 am today.

We have to come together and teach Monday a lesson he will never forget.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com.


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