4 Reasons Why You Need Canva If You’re Selling On Instagram

Instagram is the pictures platform. As a business, your Instagram feed is where you’re supposed to grab your followers’ attention and get them to buy your product. So obviously, the content on your feed needs to be fire. Those handbag or sneaker deals should look as good as possible. And here’s where Canva comes in. Make the right first impression for your business with these 5 features.

Instantly Remove Image Backgrounds

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

When you’re selling on Instagram one of the most annoying things that you have to deal with is taking the perfect picture of your product. In order to get a good picture, you have to stage a good background and do some trial and error. Canva allows you to get a great product image with two clicks and the result is always super professional. You just use the background removal tool and then you can choose the background you want (plain white or even patterns and scenes).

Templates, Templates And More Templates

Image via William Fortunato on pexels.com

Even without any experience, designing useful and aesthetic posts on Canva is quite easy. You just choose from over 50,000 templates available and edit the details. You can also make your own templates that you can edit whenever you need to make a new post.

You Get A 14 Day Trial

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Canva has a lot of amazing features, but some of those features are locked behind a paywall. Luckily though, you get a 14-day trial and a warning before the period ends. A Canva subscription costs about GHC60.00 a month. One hack you can use to avoid the monthly app costs is batch creating your content so you have enough to get through months where you’re not paying for Canva.

Easy Collaboration

Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

You can easily collaborate with a team Using Canva. You can save your designs as a template and share a link with all account managers to allow your posts to stay consistent and on-brand.

You can get Canva on the App Store/Play Store or at Canva.com.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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