Who From The Bible Would You Invite To Dinner? Here Are Some Suggestions

A pictorial representation of the Biblical figure Moses. Photo credit: JW

If you are into inviting people to dinner, either in your hall room, home or go out to eat, you know that it’s really not about the food.

Of course, the food ought to be goooooood, however, what really makes for a good dinner is the conversations.

The laughter, the joy, the calm sensation and who is saying what often defines how good dinner was.

That is why you must always make sure you are having the right people over for dinner. They have to be interesting and you have to make sure you can strike a conversation.

That is what it was very interesting when the Museum of Bible asked Twitter users who from the Bible would they invite to dinner.

The Bible is full of stories about and stories from amazing people. Some controversial, others inspirational and everything far in between.

The responses though were amazing.

Who from the Bible would you love to invite over to dinner?

You can also take this quiz and we’ll tell you who that person will be.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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