KNUST: Here Are Contact Details Of Your College Counsellors

KNUST. Photo credit: Kuulpeeps File

When you have body pains, we see a doctor to prescribe pain killers for us. When we have any problem with our eyesight, heart, lungs or other problems with other bodily organs, we rush to the hospital for help.

That is because we acknowledge the need to seek help to solve the problem we are experiencing.

However, we seldom seek professional help when it comes to dealing with mental help.

We often leave it till it’s too late and it has gotten out of hand before we ask for help.

With any problem, when it is allowed to fester, it takes more effort to resolve it. It is for this reason that we need to start addressing mental health problems very early.

This is even more essential for students who have to deal with a lot of pressure that comes with pursuing academic excellence.

It is for this reason that the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and the KNUST Peer Counsellors have made available a vital resource to help students deal with mental health.

Sometimes, not knowing who to talk to when you are suffering from mental health is equally a problem. To solve this direct mobile phone numbers of counsellors for various KNUST colleges have been publicised.

The 11 college counsellors are available for any student who needs their help.

Mental Health resource from KNUST

Seeking mental health support is as essential as seeking any other medical assistance.


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