How To Pick Yourself Up If You’re Exhausted During An Internship

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Internships are a way of getting some first-hand experience before you join the job market yourself. You get to work with actual professionals and develop an idea of what things are going to be like after you’re done with school. One thing no one tells you about internships (aside from the ‘beans’ jokes) is that internships can be exhausting. Here are some things you can do to pick yourself up if you’re constantly tired from your internship.

Get Some Sleep When You Can

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Even after a long day at your internship, going to sleep isn’t something that always comes. You’ll want to check social media to reply to a message or two, end up on social media and spend more time scrolling through your phone than you intend to. Not getting enough sleep for multiple days consecutively will lead to stress when you’re at work and make each task harder than it needs to be. You need to actively make sure that you’re getting the sleep that you need.

Learn To Communicate When You’re Overwhelmed

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Being an intern, there are times when you aren’t assigned to a specific supervisor. When someone has work they need you to do, they just let you know. In those situations, work tends to pile on because the people assigning you new work do not necessarily know exactly what you’re already working on. You need to be able to communicate and say ‘no’ politely if you’re stretched too thin.

Treat Yourself

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When you feel like you’re trapped in an exhaustive loop, sometimes treating yourself can help you feel refreshed. Over the weekend, spend some money doing something you love or hang out with your friends. Not feeling like you have any separation between work and personal life can lead to feelings of burnout.



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