5 Types Of Money That Hit Different When You Start Spending

Whoever told African parents money can’t buy happiness did them a great disservice because for most of us, ALL of our problems can be solved with money. If you’d admit, money coming from your pocket is the hardest to spend. Here are 5 types of money that ascends you to heavenly places when you spend.

  1. Borrowed Money.

If you want to understand why your friend who borrowed your 5k is roaming from Bloombar to Skybar, while you are sitting at home eating rice, we are here to inform you that it’s not his fault, it is a spirit. There is a spirit that whispers “chop life, no make life chop you” when you touch borrowed money, he can’t help himself.

2. Money from Family members.

In celebration of an end to the tyranny of your mother, who used to corner you for money other family members gave you because she gave birth to you, how can you not order all cloths you have saved on instagram? Even the one she herself gave you, add it and buy one more thing for dramatic effect.

3. Birthday Momo Alerts.

In the spirit of spoiling yourself and enjoying your birthday, those momo alerts add a little oomph to the celebration. This is the one day you are allowed to be overcome by the spirit of enjoyment, there is no need to keep her in check.

4. The Just – Received Salary.

If you don’t seductively stare at the money breathing in your bank just as soon as it landed, you need to change your bank. The money has to be tempting you and saying things like “clear your cart, clear your cart.” Are we on the same page?

5. The Last Bit of Your Salary.

It is when the money is almost finished, that you start craving all these expensive things. This is the origin of the “what can come, can come” spirit because why are you scrolling though wig pages asking for price with 200gh in your account?? You can’t come and kill yourself dear!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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