Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You Which Biblical Figure Is Your Dinner Guest

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Did you enjoy going to Sunday School?

What was your personality in Sunday school?

Which these Bible stories taught at Sunday School is your favourite?

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Growing up, did you own this book?

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Which of these legendary Ghanaian gospel music groups is your favourite?

Which of these gospel musicians would you rather feature on your song?

If you were on a deserted island which of these Bible personalities would you call for help?

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Pick a memory verse

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Biblical Figues

You get to discuss all the things he did including the role he played in Uriah's killing; and later married the dead man's wife - Bathsheba
King Solomon

Lucky you! You get to sit with the wise King Solomon!
Queen Esther

Wow! such a great honour dinning with one of the most influential women in the Bible

It would be an interesting dinner 😅😅
Judas Iscariot

I bet you are definitely going to find out from him why he betrayed Jesus 😂😂

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