3 Hacks For Managing Your Time During The Long Vac

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We’re always in a hurry to run away from school and get home for the long vacation. However, when the vacation actually comes, we don’t do all the things that we thought we were going to do. Instead, we end up spending way too long in bed, scrolling the time away. Here are some time management tips that you can use for your long vac, and come out of the period with no regrets about doing more.

Set Some Goals

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First of all, there needs to be something that you actually want to accomplish during the vacation. That way there’s something to work for. If you don’t have anything in mind yet, we’ve got some ideas. Here are 5 Skills You Can Pick Up Online During Your Long Vac. Once you have a goal, it’s easier to find the motivation to get it done.

Take Frequent Breaks

Photo by William Fortunato from Pexels

Although you might want to be productive and get some things done during your vacation, it’s still a vacation and you need to take breaks as frequently as you can. That being said, you should definitely keep in mind that once a break ends up being too long it’s harder to get back on task. During your breaks, make sure to stretch, get a snack and get some sunlight.

Keep Track Of What You’ve Accomplished

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Putting what you’ve been up to each week into perspective will keep you motivated to keep going. If you read one chapter of a book during the week, that’s something to be proud of. And it motivates you to do at least that much the following week. That also goes for a new skill you’re trying to learn, trying to get into working out, or whatever else you have your sights set on accomplishing during the week.

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