Artsoul Kojo: Preserving African Culture And Philosophies Through His Paintings

Nana Danso Awuah-Asante (Artsoul Kojo)/image via Instagram/@artsoulkojo

From having fun with and engaging in activities that involved art, Nana Danso Awuah-Asante best known as Artsoul Kojo is now using art as a tool to preserve African philosophies, ideas and culture.

His inspiration to create art that has an impact on Africans stems from the work of other renowned African artists.

“I look up to all the great African artists that created a landscape of ideas for us to experience and utilize. I don’t have any specifics,” he told Kuulpeeps.

Nana Danso Awuah-Asante (Artsoul Kojo)/image via Instagram/@artsoulkojo

Artsoul Kojo is a self-taught artist, and according to him, he had to practice a lot to master his skills in painting.

“It took a lot of practice and eagerness to learn to become good at painting. I had some drawing skills when I was young but I had to practice a lot to be better,” he said.

For him, the ability to store energy and symbolize grand ideas is what intrigues and excites him about art and painting.

Artsoul Kojo, however, ensures that all the paintings he creates have the themes of African culture and philosophies.

“The messages I communicate within my art varies and depends on what topic I’m deciphering in my own way. Mostly on themes around Akan culture, African philosophies. I also like to explore ideas around individual philosophies that guide or spark cultures and traditions.”

“I hope to inspire minds and also be able to communicate ideas to the masses in an art form that connects society and bring together communities at different levels,” he added.

Artsoul Kojo recently participated in an art exhibition at Gallery 1957 where he created a painting about the history of Ghana. He, however, described the paintings on the history of Ghana as his favourite so far.

Nana Danso Awuah-Asante (Artsoul Kojo)/image via Instagram/@artsoulkojo

He further reiterated that his goal is to preserve and conserve African beliefs, culture and traditional thought; and in the near future hopes to take a huge step in that regard using his unique art form.

“In the future, I hope to be a part of the creative architecture and design landscaping of ghana and west Africa and I want to build educational projects,” he said.


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