8 Stages Every Girl Goes Through When Their Male Friend Tries To Toast Them

This is the Top 2 most awkward thing that can happen to any girl and it’s definitely not number two. Unless you are counting walking in the midst of area boys all alone. That sure takes the cake.

Girls always have that one male friend they have zoned from the get go. They tell them all their relationship drama. He is basically a bro, then one day he decides to change his location and move to the “boyfriend zone.” Can you man your station sir?? Here are the stages every girl goes through.

  1. Initial Disbelief.

While he is nervously quoting love poems, the girl is laughing her heart out because obviously it has to be a joke right? RIGHT??? Wait for it.

2. Initial Realisation.

This is the “Wait you are serious?” stage, because really boy, I thought we were all playing. What are you doing bro?

3. Further Disbelief.

This is the second most awkward part, because why are you laughing right after he thought you got his point?? Don’t do that girl, don’t break his spirit.

4. Final Realisation.

Here you are, finally coming to terms with the reality. He is actively toasting you. You are in shock, because the whole time you were crying to him about Toby, he was thinking of becoming Toby.

5. Unimpressed and Unmoved.

This boy has spent days perfecting his “coming out” speech thinking he will get a few “aww Kofi’s” but there you are totally unperturbed thinking about how you need to find a new bro.

6. The Response.

You patiently wait for him to finish all his Shakespeare lines and then he asks, “Would you be my girlfriend”? Your answer should be, “Bro what are you doing behind enemy lines? This is not where I placed you. Can you go and sit down in your seat and let these men break my heart so I can summon you to cry??” But instead you say, “aww I don’t feel that way Kofi.”

7. The Hide and Seek.

You are stuck ignoring him and hiding from him because how could he ruin such a beautiful friendship? Now you have to look for another bro to listen to all your drama. He has scarred you for life because now you are overthinking every male friendship.


This last part is for the guy. Is it because of ordinary love he said he loves you, you are running from him?? How can you throw away years of friendship away because of small love?? You can do better my dear.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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