5 Students Talk About What They Spend Money On During Long Vacs

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When it comes to the long vac, you would think that you wouldn’t have to spend too much money since you’re home, but somehow, you always end up running low on funds. And most of us don’t get the same allowance as when we were in school. It’s frustrating frankly, and we got some university students to share exactly what it is that sucks up their money during the long vac.

I love going out with my friends. We don’t do it often, but we usually like to pick a place that’s exciting so we can make some memories and take pictures lol. For me, I’d usually go broke after one of these outings, but it’s worth it.

– Keke

Of course, it’s airtime and data. You just spend a few minutes on Instagram or Tik Tok and your balance will reduce by like half. I even tried using Twitter mainly when I’m bored, but it’s not really for me I guess.

– Oforiwaa

Haha. Well … I have a girlfriend and I like to take her on dates. Otherwise, we just won’t see each other for the whole vac, you know?


I spend on myself. I like to get my hair done at the beginning of the vac. And I’ll do my nails when I have the money. Sometimes I’ll also buy some clothes on Kikuu or Instagram.

– Ida

I guess it would have to be data for me. During the vacation, I’m not really going out or anything. I try and copy things onto my external before I come home, but I still have to buy data if a new movie comes out or when I get a Netflix account.

– Donald

How much money do you spend during the vacation? And what do you spend on most? Let us know in the comments below.

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