5 Skills You Can Pick Up Online During Your Long Vac

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When you’re in school, you can’t wait to vacate and then go home. But then when you’re home, the time can’t seem to pass fast enough. Instead of being bored watching TV and Snaps, why not learn a new skill. Hobbies are great for inspiring you in other aspects of your life, and some of these skills can even make you some money or just look great on your CV.

How To Make Websites

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A simple skill that you can pick up during your long vac is how to make websites. If you’re a creative person, you’re definitely going to love this. And there are a million and one tutorials on how to make websites on YouTube alone. Tools like WordPress, Squarespace, and Elementor also make it quite easy to make a website, even as a beginner.

Photography Skills

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We all have those moments where we look at the sky, or we see something we think is beautiful and we want to take a picture. However, sometimes it’s not always as easy as point and shoot; even when taking pictures of other people. If you’re looking to skill up your mobile photography skills, there are videos on the internet that will teach you all you need to know to take and edit great pictures on your phone.

Better Writing Skills

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We all write when we’re in school. There’s not much of a choice. However, it’s a whole different experience writing about things that you’re actually interested in. Whether that’s new Ghanaian music, the best food places, or even the gym. Whatever your interests are, becoming a writer and making content that you love starts from going to WordPress.com and creating and customizing your blog.

How To Use Excel

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Learning Microsoft Excel isn’t anything that anyone would do for fun. However, it’s one of those skills that will immediately make your CV stand out when you apply for a job. Especially at a company, that deals with a lot of data.


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Photoshop skills are one of the more fun skills that you can have. It’s more than being able to create A+ memes for your feed. You can quickly learn to make useful things like flyers and posters for events you’re involved in, or other people’s events. Once you know Photoshop, marketing your business, things you’re selling, and more on the internet becomes much easier.

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