5 Signs You Are Slowly Turning Into Your Ghanaian Parent

As much as we’d like to stay in the baby boy/ baby girl phase forever, slowly and quietly adulting stays creeping on us. Who else is to blame for all the gradual changes in your lifestyle that your friends keep talking about? Check out these signs and let us know if you have been trapped into a full blown adult or you are gradually being pulled away.

  1. There is rice at home Stage is your new mantra

Have you started to look at the price of food online, added the delivery fee and told your craving, “Not today miss, Not today.” Does it sound familiar?? How many times did your mom tell you there is food at home when you wanted take away?

2. By 7pm, your bed is calling your name

While you are out with your friends are you constantly looking at the time? Do you picture your bed after a long day at work? Are you getting tired of hearing “WE OUTSIDE??” If you answered yes to all 3 questions, I’m sorry to tell you that your prefix must be Auntie or Uncle.

3. Paying Debts are now part of things that make you happy

That burden you feel lifting when you finally pay all your debt is the baby girl/baby boy evaporating out of you. Because that spirit cannot stay in the same host with responsibility. It won’t work, like oil and water together.

4. Weekend are for cooking and cleaning

Everywhere is buzzing on Friday nights with loud music, booze and friends, and then there is you, trying to get home really fast. Not because you have party plans on Saturday, but because you want to clean up your house. Sorry to interrupt your cleaning dear, but you are currently subscribed to Adulthood for FREE! for a lifetime, terms and conditions apply. That is, you can never uninstall.

5. All the new toolgasms you get when you go on Instagram

image via Charlotte May/Pexels

That new blender you saw on Instagram looked really nice didn’t it? Won’t you like to get that shelf for your room? Let us check your cart, we suspect it’s full of grown up stuff, Auntie. You want us to tell you more? Or have you realised you must now respond to Ma or Da?

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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