5 Awkward Things That Can Happen While Toasting A Girl On The Street

Social media is probably the reason why you are gnashing, because instead of talking to the fine girl you saw at Circle, you just went ahead to tweet about her. We don’t blame you though, because the streets are cold. They will just ruin your branding on the street. Here are 5 awkward things that can happen while you are toasting a girl on the streets.

  1. Someone approaching to ask for Money.

They seem to come from nowhere and always know the perfect time to strike because who is kinder than a man trying to impress a woman? Imagine trying to toast the loyl and a street kid just comes to hold your shirt “Bra please 1 Cedi.” There are two things involved, either you give her the 1 Cedi and see her little siblings surround you for more or you ignore and the loyl thinks you are broke or stingy. What you gon’ do bro??

2. The Soles Of Your Shoes Will Betray You.

There you are pouring out the words of your heart, but you both keep looking around because this is not what fresh air smells like. After a series of head turns and nasal movements you realise that the enemy is in your own courtyard. The streets of Accra are not safe! Where do we go from here?

3. Your Phone Will Disgrace You.

We are not here to throw shade on any brand, but after you have talked her into giving you her number, why is your phone taking 30 minutes to open your phone app?? Tell us why?? How can she take you seriously after that? Even your phone is not focused. What brand is that?? Did someone say Infinix?

4. The Awkward Stares.

You cannot do anything freaky in this country. The older generation will not have it! Which audacity do you possess to speak to a girl in front of them? Respect yourself.

5. The Awkward Interruptions.

If it’s not someone carrying a load that is bigger than him, it is the young men with their metal wheels screaming AGOOOO. They just stay affecting the flow of your vibes.

With all the points stated above, we hope we have been able to convince you and not confuse you, that toasting on the street is 0/10.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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