University Of Ghana Announces Back To School Dates For Level 200 and 300 Students

University Of Ghana legon
The Balme Library, University Of Ghana. Photo credit: UG.EDU.GH

Thanks to the suspension of the industrial strike action by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), public universities in the country have tried to get their academic calendar back on track.

Initially derailed by the strike action, the University of Ghana’s academic calendar, just like many others was put in limbo.

However, starting tomorrow the Level 100 and final year students of Legon would start their end of semester exam.

That also meant that they can go on vacation and welcome the Level 200 and Level 300 students back on campus.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing, the University of Ghana implemented the modular system that saw Level 100 and 400s in one stream and the Level 200s and 300s in another stream.

Now that the Level 100 and 400 students are finally completing their second and final semester, respectively, after the exams, the Level 200 and 300 students would also return to campus to complete their second semester.

The initial date to return to campus was postponed indefinitely due to the strike, now Legon has announced that they are to return on September 16.


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