Thinking About A Post-Graduate Degree After School? Here’s Where To Start

After school, you have to decide whether you’re going to join the job market straight away, or whether you’re going to continue with your education and get a post-graduate degree. Most of us would rather study abroad than continue to get our Master’s Degrees at the same places we got our undergrad degrees. It can be daunting knowing where to find the right resources (that is, the courses you’re going to take, scholarships, etc). Here’s where to start.

You Can Apply Through The Scholarship Secretariat

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One of the things that might discourage you from applying for grad school outside the country is the fees. Travel costs, costs of accommodation, school registration, and the actual school fees might add up to become more than you can handle. Applying through the scholarship secretariat (website here) can save you from some of those costs.

You Can Find Study Opportunities Here

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Once you’ve decided on what you want to study for your Master’s degree, the next step is finding universities that offer programs in those fields and hopefully finding some scholarships so you don’t have to cover the entire cost yourself. The following websites regularly post opportunities, and most of them come with some form of funding.

You Need To Write Good Applications

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If you’re applying for international opportunities, you best believe that there are other people who want it as bad as you do. You need to make your application stand out if you want to be chosen. You do that with your essay. During the application process for a scholarship, you will be asked to write a personal essay.

Pay close attention to the essay topic. You need to make sure that each application you write is well-targeted to the scholarship opportunity. Identify the keywords in the essay topic, take time to understand them, and have others review your answer when you’re done.

Don’t Get Too Attached To Opportunities And Prepare For Rejection

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Final tip, don’t get too emotionally attached to a particular opportunity. There are going to be rejections, and you need to be able to take them and keep going. In the end, you only need one opportunity to work out in your favour. Good luck!



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