Here’s All The Inspiration You Need To Start A Business After School

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The period after school is one of those times in everyone’s life where you’ll face uncertainty. You’ll be wondering about things like getting into the right post-grad programme and whether you’re going to be able to land a job. It’s a time for growth. In order to transition into adulthood (and you don’t really get a say in this) you need to find ways to put yourself out there. That could be through learning a skill to land a job (YouTube will always hold you down), by taking some standardized tests to boost your scholarship applications, or by starting a business. Here are four reasons why starting a business is something you should give some thought to.

It Can Be Part-Time While You Job Search

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There’s no getting around the unemployment conversation. It’s a tough job market, and sometimes it takes a while to land your first full-time job. While you’re home, and job searching, starting a business can be something to put yourself into. Not to mention, there are merits of starting a business after school. One of them is the ease of doing business brought about by social media.

It Gives You Valuable Experience You Can Add To Your Portfolio

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Experience is always that thing that most job seekers feel is keeping them out. Experience, however, doesn’t always have to be conventional. If there’s an opportunity that you think would be good for you but is just a few years of experience away, then consider stating things like your positions held in school or church. Things that show skills you would need in that job. Starting a business allows you to pick up employable skills you can highlight on your CV.

Avoid The Awkwardness Of Being A Dependent

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The worst thing about being unemployed is relying on your parents for things that you would rather not rely on them for. Making even some pocket change on your own is one way to avoid those awkward times when you’re asking for money.



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