8 Things Introverts Love About Themselves

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Ever wondered about the things that make introverts like to be just as they are? I mean, this generation has shown that we can all be whatever we want and be proud of that, right? Which is just amazing, in my personal opinion. But when it comes to being yourself, that can be hard. These are some things that introverts love about being introverted and why you should learn to grow into yourself rather than trying to change YOU.

Introverts Don’t Like To Rely On Others

A common attribute of introverts is their ability to not depend on others. They have the ability to recharge themselves alone, as compared to extroverts. Now, imagine needing others to be happy and no one shows up for you? Yes, that’s awful and you feel sad and depressed. But introverts can count on themselves. They do need others, but they have the ability to keep themselves going.

They Are Good analyzers

How are they good at analyzing? Good thing you asked! Introverts question everything. They want to understand everything before moving forward. They take time to critically analyze situations before involving themselves. It’s for this reason that their words have an impact. They think it through before expressing it.

Introverts Are Really Good Friends

Silly as that might sound, introverts do make good friends, folks. They care about their friends and will do anything to make them feel good. They are ready to spend the night carefully listening to their friends’ issues, figure out a way to calm them down, and get them to rise up. People are eager to go to such friends to share exciting news or when they want to be listened to.

They Are Observant

Generally quiet and minding their own business, introverts do not mix themselves with crowds of people. But when they do, they observe more than they interact. Just by observing, they can understand people’s body language and facial expressions, making it easy to read others. Due to their reserved personality type, they can walk anywhere and seem invisible giving them the power to observe and notice things others can’t.

They Choose Friends Wisely

Didn’t we just talk about the introvert’s observation abilities? Great! That’s one of the tools used by introverts to be friends with people. Because of their nature and their personality, they carefully choose who to hang out with and also who to let in their personal circle. They don’t need much from others. They just need good intentions and trustworthy people to live a peaceful life with.

Creative People

Yeah, they are capable of thinking outside of the box. They find it hard to voice out their ideas sometimes but introverts are usually creative people as they’ve got lots of personalities in their heads always fighting over ideas, opinions, and endless possibilities. It just takes a little bit more effort and courage to shout it out, OUT LOUD.

They Are Passionate People

They take things seriously. They don’t need control from anyone or someone at their back. When they commit, they commit. Whether in friendship, relationship, or even workplace they’re goal focus people and are willing to do everything to get to their end goals.

They Are Great Leaders

You might ask yourself how such reserved people can be good leaders? Well, they have abilities that research has shown make them amazing leaders. They are good listeners, they’re great observers, they take time to process and analyze, they are intentional about everything that they do or say, they’re creative, they are goal-focused, they pay attention to their follower’s needs, encourage them, motivate them and empower them. These are all qualities that make introverts good leaders.

In order to grow wisely, it’s important to know ourselves to nurture who we really are instead of trying to be others we are not and we can not be. There’s nothing better than being happy in your own body.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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