5 Top Playboys In Kumawood You Can Learn Some Clean Moves From

Our Kumawood actors aren’t talked about enough but they are exactly what you need on a bad day with all this Accra heat. The certified playboys in Kumawood that even Future takes a few notes from are:

1. Akrobeto.

Here is the man who will steal your wife and make sure you know he is the one who did it because he doesn’t fear “hu.” For the guys who have a sense of humour, this is your king because he will make your wife laugh herself out of the dross.

2. Bill Asamoah.

This is the man who walked so that Future and all the others could run. In short, he will steal your wife, marry her for the properties, leave her to marry another woman and live happily ever after.

3. Nkansah Lilwin.

We can’t say anything but STAN. Here is a man who knows his sauce because even as a gateman, Lilwin will take your wife and become the Boss in your home, all because you underestimated him.

4. Yaw Dabo.

If “don’t mind the body, mind the engine” was a person, it will certainly be this man. He always chases women who are 10 times his size, and He gets them all the time, sometimes he even juggles two BBW women. If you are short or skinny, attracted to BBW women, but you are scared to shoot your shot, you need to take a page or two from his book. You are welcome.

5. Kwaku Manu.

There are men you never expect to stab you in the back because they are your bros. Kwaku Manu will Mr. Nice guy his way to your girl’s heart and before you know it, it’s all over.

Who did we leave out? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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