4 Things To Consider Before Starting A YouTube Channel

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There are several reasons why you would want to start a YouTube channel. It could be to share your naturally bubbly personality with an audience or to even drop some premium life advice or help. Whatever the case, before you take that plunge and commit to YouTube, there are some things to consider.

What Your Goal For The Channel Is

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If you’re creating a YouTube channel just to vlog and document your life, that won’t take as much commitment as if you’re trying to build an audience with the possibility of monetizing one day. It’s important to decide your goal early so that you know just how much effort the channel is going to take. That way you’re less likely to quit along the way.

Whether Or Not To Get Some Technical Help

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Depending on your goals and your budget, you might want to get some help working on your channel. Channels that have basic text graphics on-screen during videos, catchy intro jingles, etc are more likely to keep and attract new viewers. If you can afford to bring in a technical person, that’s going to be a great help. Otherwise, Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie are both quite easy to use yourself to edit and make some basic effects.

Consider Getting Some Equipment

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Video quality goes a long way to ensuring that your content connects with your audience. Get a stand for your phone in order to get better video, and consider getting a mic as well for better sound. It could also be helpful to get a ring light to make sure that your lighting is always just right.

How You Are Going To Distribute Your Content

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Creating good content is just the first step to having a successful YouTube channel. The next big thing that you need to worry about is getting people to actually come and watch your videos. If you have a large social media following you can tap into that to grow your YouTube audience. If not, you’re going to need support from your friends or even pay some big accounts to push your content.

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