3 Hacks To Balance Creating Consistently On YouTube And School Work

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Most people underestimate the effort that goes into a YouTube channel and what it takes to keep producing content consistently. And then imagine having to do that while also in school. Naturally, you don’t want your grades to slip and you also don’t want to lose half your viewers by the time that the school semester ends. Here are some hacks you can use to better balance school and creating consistently on YouTube.

Shoot Multiple Videos When You Can

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When you’re a content creator, there are good days and there are bad days. In order to take advantage of the days that are good, you need to have a content plan for your channel. Coming up with video ideas is one-half of the struggle. When you have a plan, on the days where you’re excitable and ready to create, you can just pick an idea and shoot. You can also shoot multiple videos on the same day (all you have to do is fit in a quick wardrobe change).

Edit On Your Phone

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Editing videos can take time. And although you might prefer to edit on your PC, finding some dedicated time to edit can be hard. Here’s the point we’re making; there are a lot of amazing editors on mobile like YouCut Pro and a host of others. The advantage of editing on your phone is that you can edit for a few minutes on the shuttle, a few minutes in class before the lecturer shows up, and even while you’re on the toilet. At the end of the day, your video will be fully edited without you having dedicated a bunch of hours at a time.

Let Your Viewers On Your Situation

As a student, there are always going to be situations that are out of your control. You’ll have assignments, tests, group work, and all that other fun stuff to deal with. When you’re about to step into one of those busy periods where you can’t really create, the best thing to do is to be upfront with your audience. Let them know what’s happening and that you might be going on a hiatus.

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