These Milk Crate Challenge Videos Are Hilarious But We Don’t Recommend You Try At Home

Participant of crates challenge. Photo credit: DJ Mensah/Instagram

Every now and then the internet somehow gets all of us interested in particular thing.

Especially during the pandemic, we have have a lot of challenges that have kept us entertained while we deal with health and emotional troubles.

A new challenge that is making a lot of people laugh yet worry about those participating in it is the crates challenge.

Basically, people stack up crates to form about 7 levels of staircase. Participants climb up, or at least attempt to climb up the staircase of crates which is difficult to do because of one’s ability or inability to maintain one’s balance with each step.

In the past couple of days, we have seen many failed attempts which were in part hilarious and dangerous as well.

Now, they aren’t all failed attempts. Some have been able to take on this plastic Mount Everest and come down on the other side with little or no scratch at all.

By the way, the sister in the above video got her money even though she did the split at the end. Please do not try this at home.


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