5 Ways Dating In SHS Was So Much More Stressful Than In University

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When we were in senior high school and older people told us to focus on our studies and forget the opposite sex, it gingered us to do more of the latter. Some people explored relationships despite everything can tell the clear differences between now and then. You’ve grown so much and you now know better.

You think of some of the people you’ve dated and wonder why at all you decided to go with them but it’s all good. It’s added to the things that have made you who you are. Today we want you to think back at those relationships in SHS and their struggles and compare them to your University times.

1. All Those curfews and sneaking around

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Think about it. When you were in SHS, the only time you could actually hang out was when you were on vacation or if you were in a mixed school, any other period you carve out for yourselves but you would have to break things off when it’s time for lights out. When you’re a resident in the university however, you can stay out as late as you want so far as your hall/hostel won’t lock you out.

2. Being sick of not talking vs talking so much it makes you sick

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If you’re both in different high schools, the only “legal” way you would be able to communicate would be through letters which would take weeks to get to your partner. Once they get it, they would now have to form a response and also send which will take weeks. The illegal way is if you have a phone in school that you use to communicate but that stress cannot be compared to the freedom you have communicating in the University freely. Whether through phone calls or texts, you’re free to communicate as often as you like.

3. Did we even know what quality time was in shs?

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Can you call those SHS meetups “dates”? If you’re both in different schools, date night is largely impossible unless vacations. University dates give you a wider range of options and you can enjoy each other’s company for as long as you want.

4. Zero accountability in uni means romantic time away from school

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If you’re on campus, you don’t need to ask anyone for permission to go anywhere. If you have the means, you can go chill with your bae outside campus and even outside your region and your parents wouldn’t know. In SHS, how would you even bring up a Get-away conversation with your parents?

5. Being in your person’s space

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Especially if you’re in different schools, meeting each other is hard. Maybe if you’re part of a school club and your school goes to theirs for something, you’ll be able to hang out but even with that, you’re not comfortable enough to express yourself and have fun. Everything is just limited. In the university, you can see each other as much as you want, whenever you both want.

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