5 Things You Can Do On Sunday To Prepare For The Workweek

In as much as a little part of you may feel down on Sunday because the weekend is almost over, preparing for the week may actually make you enthusiastic about going to work.

Usually Mondays make you feel extra down because it’s the first day back and the quick switch from eating whatever and whenever you want over the weekend, dressing anyway you want, going wherever and just living in general can be shocking and no matter how many times you keep doing this, you’ll never get quite used to it.

By getting prepared, you psyche yourself up for the coming week and it will definitely change your mood for the better when you wake up on a Monday morning.

1. Check your to-do list

Organizing this list puts things in perspective for you about what you need to get done by the end of each day and the week in general. Doing this will help you feel more prepared and will let you know the pressing things you need to get done and when exactly.

2. Sort out your clothes for the week

Doing this can be therapeutic. If you know what you’re doing each day of the week, you can dress accordingly. If you have a meeting with clients, you know a more formal look would be appreciated so go for it. On other days, depending on where you work, you are allowed to look semi-formal or even casual. Plus, ironing the clothes in bulk helps save electricity so that’s a plus on your pocket.

3. Clean out your work bag

During the week you’re too busy to clean out your bag because when you get home, you’re too exhausted to do anything other than eat, bath and sleep. Cleaning your bag out will result in you finding a lot of lose change, receipts and other things you probably have even forgotten existed.

4. Meal prep

Even if you won’t take food to work, it’s easier on your pocket if you have food in the fridge, ready to be microwaved after a long day from work. Prepare something for yourself so you don’t have to buy food every night.

5. Relax

It’s easy to get sucked into the whole routine of work, work, work but you need to take a break and relax. You cannot enter a new work week with baggage from the previous one. Unwind and focus on yourself before the new week begins.

Sending you love and light. ❤️

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