5 Ghanaian TV Shows That Need To Be Brought Back To Our TV Screens

The Ghanaian Tv and Movie industry has evolved from stage plays to having the best of movies being represented on an international stage. Growing up we loved to watch the best of Ghanaian TV shows which kept us entertained.

These Ghanaian shows were the talk of the day, every scene was broken down giving friends who didn’t watch the show a feel of what happened in these scenes. Of course, some of these movies were not meant for Kids, this means if you wanted to watch your favorite TV when your parents were also watching you had to sneak into the hall from the room without being caught. There were times where being caught meant you will have to be punished but that still gave us the chance to at least catch a glimpse of a few episodes.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and recount those series that were our everything back then.

Sun City

If you are in the University and think anything going on in and around campus is new to the world you better think twice. Before Pent girls, there was Suzzy Williams who played Sharon Jones in the popular Ghanaian television series, Sun City. Every issue about campus life was perfectly documented by the film creators. What made the series was icon was the theme song which was composed by Ghanaian Highlife legend, Amandzeba.


Sundays with Julie Ju was the only thing we got to enjoy because our mothers loved watching this musical. Cantata was an Akan Drama that was usually aired on GTV every Sunday. With the aim of teaching the audience a life lesson, the characters will break into singing, either wailing for the trouble they found themselves in or trying to win their lover over. The band was spot-on when it came to breaking into the short music intervals. Despite the poor production of the series *insert Cantata make-up looks* we still enjoyed the series.

Things We Do for Love

We all have done things for love, but you haven’t suffered like Pusher who loves Dede but couldn’t keep it in his pants and decided to play with other girlfriends. If you’ve had your parents meddle in your business especially your love life, then this Tv Series is for you. The TV series focused on a wide range of themes about the youth what they do at home, in school, and social vices that may lead them into trouble.

Taxi Driver

If you were looking for a family series to watch back then, Taxi Driver was the family’s choice. The Tv series was a drama/comic series that was centered on a taxi driver and his relation and interactions with his passengers. The TV series Psalm Adjetefio, who is known as T.T, Master Richard, Aboagye, ”Pattington papa Nii Papafio”, David Dontoh, and interesting and funny characters.

The TV series aside from being funny also taught us that there was dignity in labor. Every episode had a hilarious storyline but had an educative side to it which was relatable to every Ghanaian. To sit in TT’s “Super Deluxe Taxi Car” you have to obey his rules at least.

And after every episode be sure to wait for the famous quote “Anyway if you need a taxi a dey here 24 hours a day,7 days in a week, 365 days in a year, see yah.”

Inspector Bediako

Our detectives need a crash course on investigations from the one and only “Inspector Bediako”. You can be hiding in any nukes and crannies and he will be sure to find you. Aired in 1990, Inspector Bediako was a very smart and intelligent detective who solved every case brought to him. No stone was left unturned when it comes to solving cases; Inspector Bediako was loved by a lot of Ghanaians because of the lessons learned, it was we will classify as an edutainment. It was the only local Law enforcement series on Television in Ghana, our very own *CSI-Accra*.

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