4 Surprisingly Funny Side Effects Of The UTAG Strike On Campus

Mensah Sarbah Hall Annex A

The UTAG strike is in no way a good thing, we understand that, but you do have to admit that there have been some side effects that we have been more than grateful for (you know I’m talking about sleeping). There are also other, less obvious, side effects that we couldn’t have seen coming but are hilarious anyway.

The Waakye Seller Isn’t In By 9 O’Clock

waakye photo via kuulpeeps.com
waakye photo via kuulpeeps.com

What is the meaning of this, waakye wura? Just because we don’t have to go to class doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to eat. It’s understandable though, things are extremely lax and it feels like a mini-vacation. On second thought, the waakye wura deserves to be able to sleep in too.

The 100% Empty Reading Rooms

Mensah Sarbah Hall Annex A

Do you know how it’s a struggle to find seats in the reading room, usually? These days it’s as if people are scared to even pass in front of the reading rooms. If you’re looking for some quiet for one or two reasons, you know where to go now.

The Strike Has Taken Over The Agenda For Prayer Meetings

Image via @afiamelody1 on Twitter

Now obviously, some people would like things to stay how they are. For that reason, prayer meetings have been repurposed into praying for extensions of the strike and for the cancellation of exams. Basically, students pleading to God to let them go home.

It’s Turned Into One Big Party

Image of one of the Diaspora Halls in the University of Ghana. Image by kuulpeeps.com

There are some pretty obnoxious people who are constantly playing music loudly from their rooms. It looks like the strike gave those people the perfect opportunity to shine like they never have. Now, wherever you go in your hall you’ll hear some trap music coming from multiple rooms at a time (or Tupac if you’re lucky).

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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