Great Friends And Lasting Friendships: Here’s The Secret

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Lots of people might wanna be your friend, and surely it can be exciting to have so many people wanting to be in your personal bubble. But, sometimes friendships warrant a second thought. Does this person really want to be friends or have they got ulterior motives? They’re plenty of ways to find this out:

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Friends Approach You

If you want to be friends with the most popular person in school, church, your town or wherever else, you should approach them with enthusiasm, even if it’s just to say a simple, “hi, I like your shoes.” So it’s definitely weird when someone who claims they want to be your friend won’t approach you at all in public. But then text you when they want something. Yeah, that’s a FAKE FRIEND RED FLAG right there.

Friends Don’t Always Need Something From You

Friends who only show up with you when you are paying for the expenses or when they’re getting favors from you don’t usually have your best interest at heart. I don’t doubt that a friend can be in need and run to you for help, but when they make it a habit and you feel obligated to give what they’re asking for, for the sake of the friendship it’s gone too far.

Reminds me of the latest season of “Elite,” a Netflix thriller series, where Prince Phillipe was threatened by his “friend” Patrick to get them tickets for a restricted party; and then when he wanted to meet up, no friends showed up.

Friends Stick By Your Side

Why can we party and have all the fun in the world but when there’s a problem a friend disappears? They are the same people that are so eager to be your friends, but then disappear when fun stops. Such friends shouldn’t be in your personal bubble and what they are is “friends in the moment” but not true friends. A real friend stays by your side in good or bad times. An amazing example (still talking about the series “Elite”) is the way the students always stick to each other even in their darkest moments and that strengthens the bond between them all. Also, you should definitely see Elite.

Friends Want To Spend Time Together

Someone interested in a friendship with you will want to spend time with you where you both can get to know each other. Spending quality time with a person who wants your best helps release stress, depression, sadness and even anxiety. So if you’ve got someone who wants to be your friend and makes you feel good, don’t let that person go.

Honesty & Support

Why start a friendship on lies? Just to be appreciated by the one you want to be friends with? Um, cute but weird dude. You can be honest with your friends and still support them. Someone who tells you the truth and still supports your decisions is a real friend right there.

An easy way to detect who really wants you as a friend and who has other interests? If they fit into 4 out of 5 of the groups of people on this list, or have all these qualities and more, then they’re really there for you.



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