4 Tips For Creatives To Get Over Low Energy Phases

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Although a lot of people underestimate how draining creative work can be, creatives know that there are times when you just get to a place of creative exhaustion. It’s a different kind of torture from having a creative block. Instead of not knowing what to create, you might be flooded with ideas but not have the energy to even get started on them. Here’s what you can do to get over your low-energy phase.

Get Some Rest

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Obsessing over-creating when you’re burnt out doesn’t help any. Instead, go in the direction that your body’s telling you. Take some time away. Spend your days sleeping or finding a new hobby instead of forcing yourself to write or work on your podcast. You’ll realize that after a while, your energy to create renews itself and your passion and excitement come back.

Find A Playlist That Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Music that you like has a way of improving your mood and your ability to create. If you’re the type that can work with music, then find a playlist that you like and make the time that you spend working on your craft more fun. Music has been known to increase productivity as well.

Schedule Your Time Working

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Creatives have a way of getting lost in a task. While that may feel productive, scheduling your time working (with breaks included) can give you some perspective and also give you the ability to keep going for longer. Here’s an effective technique to schedule your time working called the Pomodoro Technique.

Use Mobile Apps To Boost Your Productivity

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There are numerous apps that aim to make you more productive. Incorporate some of those apps into your process and increase your productivity. For example, App Block by MobileSoft is an app that blocks apps during your working hours and gives you a set amount of time to spend on those apps in a day. There is also RescueTime that allows you to track how you’re spending your time.

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