The 5-Step Starter Pack To Become That Ultimate Rich Auntie In Your 20s

Who would have thought that 20-year-olds would want to be called “Aunties” so bad? For a moment we thought we were all running away from the devil that is adulting but apparently the Accra is four and we are still on level 1.

In case you are thinking of subscribing to the Rich Aunty lifestyle, here are a few things you should prepare to do.

  1. Get Your Rich Auntie Shades On.
Picture from google.

You are confused? Well don’t be, just take a look around your socials, all rich Aunties own the “boss babe” glasses, so to fit in, you need to have one.

2. Update Your Wardrobe With Maxi Dresses.

Rich Aunties spend their time sipping tea and breaking biscuit and on occasions like that you have to own a maxi dress, with one arm titled to the side. You pair it with the shades we mentioned and your Hermes slippers and you are good to go. 

3. Plan a trip to Dubai.

If you don’t have a passport at all kindly skip this step, that’s the end of your journey.

However, if you do, you need to start making plans to go to the United Emirates and take pictures on the desert with your red and white scarf.

4. Your Captions for Pictures Must Be All About Your Boss lady Life.

One thing about a rich auntie’s caption is, she is definitely going to let you know that she pays her own bills.

She is an independent woman and heavily supports women spoiling themselves any time. For examples you can use captions like: #Smallgirl Big God, Stepping on your neck, #ECHOKE, among others. You are welcome.

5. 3 Words; Pose, Pose, and did we say Pose?

image via Anna Shvets on

A lot of thought goes into the branding of a rich auntie and you can be easily disqualified if you don’t follow the rules. In taking your pictures, you must have at least 2 or 3 of these poses to qualify. You need an unlooking picture where you are just looking on your phone, you also need to have a picture of you walking away and finally, to complete your initiation, you will need a picture in a white robe on a bed, holding a tea cup.

Don’t say we never did anything for you.



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