7 People Talk About Their First Year Dating Experience

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People have a lot of different experiences when it comes to dating in the first year of University. We asked a number of you if you dated in level 100 and if you could share your experiences and lessons you learnt from it. These were some of the responses we got.

1. Monica

Yes, I dated when I was in level 100. It was fun and was also an eye-opener. I’ll advise people to date in level 100 but they should just be focused and not invest all their time there because the main purpose of studying hard.

2. Andy

I did not exactly date in level 100 but I had someone I had an on and off vibe with. I wasn’t settled in school then because I was “non-resident”. I wasn’t relaxed enough to engage anyone. It can be tricky, but I think people should date (if they want to) even at level 100 with all its risks as long it doesn’t affect your performance to put you completely out of school. Level 100 is more fun. Everyone’s in fresh.

3. Martha

When I was in level 100, the second semester, because of peer pressure. I started to see this guy. Before University, I hadn’t kissed yet and so he was my first in that aspect. I had trust issues then and so I wanted to wait before having sex with him. During the waiting period, he realised I was really strict about the sex part so I ended up being broken-hearted. It took me about 6 months to recover from it. But I still enjoyed the whole experience because I was going out and having fun with him.

4. Sandra

I did date in level 100 but I would say I did it cus I saw it as an adventure. I wanted to know what the fuss was about so I met a guy, and even though I didn’t exactly like everything about him, he asked me out and I jumped at the opportunity to explore.
Eye-opening de33 it was eye-opening paaa 😂😂😂😂. I did a lot of stuff with him; all the kissing and touching… I really explored 😂 and the fun times were there. But honestly, I wouldn’t advise people to date in level 100. I mean if you want a long term thing that’s going to last you should relax, focus on school, have fun with your friends. Chale life is short and relationships can be stressful so just relax and enjoy life. You can have someone you like but just talk to the person during this time and vibe for a while. Maybe in 200 or 300 you can go for it but level 100 de33 chale, henjoyyyy life!

Plus, in level 100, I really don’t think you are matured enough to make certain decisions in your relationship. You just came out of high school for crying out loud. Lol. You are a child. Relax.

5. Janet

For me, in level 100, I still didn’t understand the whole dating thing. I just remember a guy liking me; let’s call him Kofi. I think we started talking for a bit and he asked me out but I didn’t really give him an answer but we were still cool. Eventually, I told him I didn’t think I wanted to date him and he started accusing me of talking to someone else and so there was this jealous energy around him. We stopped talking and we started fighting. I don’t think people should hold back on dating till level 200 or 300 but I think, you should get to know whoever for a while before you decide to be exclusive and call each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

6. Angela

As for me, I dated someone older than me in level 100. The only thing young guys will do is to ask for plenty of sex and give you numerous heartbreaks.

7. Abena

In level 100 I had my first boyfriend. The relationship was okay while it lasted. To be honest, it wasn’t worth it like that.
I think everyone should date in level 100 and have fun.

How about you? Did you date in level 100? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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