4 People Who Always Have The Worst Broken Heart Stories

A close up of a black man crying. Image via istockphoto.com

Research has shown that there are some jobs which come with automatic disappointment and heart pains. Scientists are still trying to figure out the cause for these issues, so in the meantime, do yourself a favor and avoid these jobs.

  1. Uber / Bolt Drivers.

Of course, this profession has to be number one. If you have never sat through your Uber driver’s venting about how his girlfriend left him to marry a rich man then your life on earth is incomplete and you need to fix that. 

2. Bartenders.

In movies, it’s always the other way around. Bartenders appear to have everyone’s keys but have you ever sat down with one of them?? That’s how come their cocktails taste so bomb, the secret ingredient is..

3. Momo Vendors.

Their stories will move you so much that you would want to give them the money you just withdrew cause…

File Photo

4. Seamstress and Hairdressers.

Pioneers of the men are trash agenda right from the 80’s but you can’t really blame them. Imagine giving your life savings to a man to go abroad then rather than come marry you, he dips.

Nigerian Tailors

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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