You’re True Friends If You’ve Been Through All These Stages

From childhood, we’ve been taught to be friends with our peers, appreciate and love others. We have grown with that mindset and consider usually consider most people as our friends but can we call all our friends “friends?”

Personally, I believe not everyone you call friend is actually truly a friend. If you’ve been through these stages with someone, however, then they’re truly your friend.

You’ve Experienced Unconditional Support

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A friend, a real one, will always understand and support you in any path you choose. Real friends encourage you and support your choices. They prioritize your happiness and make sure you are okay in all you undertakings.

They Accept You

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Someone you can be happy to call your friend is one that doesn’t bring up your faults, insecurities and fears. They accept you and work with you towards a better you. They understand what can’t be changed, and are accepting of you because they love you and want you to only be you.

They Make Time for You

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Imagine wanting to talk, hangout or just hear your from your friend and they are never available for you. Meanwhile they go wild with others? Yikes! Indeed, that can feel like a one-sided friendship which sucks.

They Listen To You

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When you are talking to your friends, are they emotionless, absent, annoyed, bored and or even worse attention-seekers? Or they are more calm, focused, intrigued, attentive and reactive? If it’s the latter, it means they are all in for you; but if its the first, then they ain’t doing that much as friends. A friend who listens to you is someone who really wants to get you, understand and help you or share moments with you.

They’re Aware Of Your Dorky Side

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Your friend obviously knows you, so seeing you dorky shouldn’t make them feel uncomfortable or repulsed. Real friends don’t need you in makeup or cute outfits with hair and nails all done; they’d rather want you to feel okay being comfortable and dorky around them cause that’s part of you and they’re lucky to see it.

They Hype You Up

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I know, not everyone likes being hyped up but won’t you be happy if you receive “Yooooooo-hoooooooo” from your friend after something you’ve just accomplished? No? Yes? Of course yes! Your hype is their hype, see you making the impossible and pushing hard or trying to give you confidence by celebrating you is what makes a real friend. And that’s what we all need to smile.

They Need You

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What is friendship when you are the only one in need of that platonic relationship? I mean why do you think those people are your friends? A real friend, also makes you a go-to person no matter the situation. They basically want your presence in their lives, even through the hardships.

They Forgive You

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In every good thing, there are some bad times that make the good worth even more. Might sound like a big WTF realization, but everything has its ups and downs including friendship. We f*ck up, get mad, talk trash and act trashy but deep down it may not even be our real reaction. Someone who really is with you will understand and won’t immediately write you off. They will stay by your side or give you space, but definitely forgive the behavior you’ve had.

Friendships might seem like nothing but real ones create strong bonds that surpass most bonds. We all need that platonic relationship ☺️.



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