Weekend Students, Here Are 3 Quick Tips For Balancing Work And School

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If you’re a weekend student, either for undergrad or for a post-graduate degree, there’s a chance that you’re working during the week and doing school during the weekends. Here are some tips to help you find your balance and get into a good rhythm.

Find An Arrangement With Your Employer

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Let your employer know about your situation, and try to find more flexible hours, or an arrangement to allow you to do some of your work from home. You can also look into how to properly use your leave to your best benefit. Instead of keeping the fact that you’re in school from your employer and struggling to keep the balance, tell them about it and see how best you can make your situation work.

Manage Your Stress Levels

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As a person living in Ghana, stress will find you. Especially, when you’re trying to balance school and a job. It’s up to you to manage your stress levels. Take a break when you need one, say ‘no’ when you have too much on your plate and create healthy habits like getting enough sleep and exercise.

Cut Out The Time Wasters

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

When you’re trying to balance making a living and getting an education in the same 7-day week as the rest of us, there are some things that end up setting you back more than you realize. You need to realize when you’re about to lose yourself in a mindless period of scrolling, or when you’re episodes past the last time you said ‘last one.‘ Find ways to reduce the time that you spend doing things that aren’t productive.

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