The 5 Types Of People Who Perch Your Netflix Account Without Shame

After Accra, Netflix accounts are the most populated places in the world. Funny thing is, it never starts that way. Before you know it, you have members from all over the world using one account and we are all guilty of it. Which of these 5 perchers do you have in your community?

The Sharer.

This is the sole person responsible for all the new babies joining your community. A secondary percher who carries it on their chest and invites others to join when he/she is benefitting from the kindness of a primary percher. It is really the AUDACITY for us!

  • The Undertaker.

This is the Ogboro of all the perchers. He who comes to claim the throne. As an invited guest, you are supposed to be meek and mild, but not this percher. He comes in and changes the login details of the account and even the owner has to beg. You cannot shame the shameless!

  • The Monthly Reminder.

“Hey”, “I hope you are good?”.

Can we skip all these formalities?? I know why you are here my guy! 

These perchers only text you to remind you of the subscription payment. They don’t really care about your mental health, just about the new episodes of Money Heist. 

  • The Dormant Percher.

We seriously don’t know why these people joined the community. They hardly ever use the app but they won’t leave for other people to join. 

  • The Intruder.

We just want to ask this percher one question, upon all the movies on the app, why do you want to watch what I’m watching? The annoying part is, they are either dragging you back or taking you to episodes you are yet to watch.

Why?? Why??



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