Omolara: A Fashion Brand Creating Magical Looks To Celebrate All Women


In challenging times like ours, it is beyond upsetting and heartbreaking to see women being undervalued just because of how they may present themselves. There truly is no common ground: once a lady decides to wear something revealing, she is shamed to the ends of the earth.

This has somewhat taken the power away from our women, for the reason being that they are pressured by the world to present themselves in a particular manner, which is absolutely not the case, and Omolara is a brand that is fighting painstakingly to transform that narrative. Every move in this war is a well-deserved win for them and for women in the world.

The clothing brand named Omolara is every woman’s means of empowerment and uplifting, because, to them, the narrative of the outside world is of no importance. Ranging from clothes and garments that are targeted at women of all shapes and sizes, Omolara is birthing a new generation of fearless women who pride themselves in unfiltered confidence in their own unique and glorious skins.

The beauty of it all? This clothing brand is founded by the most innovative and inspiring women, whose aim is to preach the power of woman to the world through their pieces.

Some attribute it to their attention to detail when it comes to packaging, others attribute it to the feel and the look the brand helps to portray, but Omolora sees it as freedom from the oppression of the world by clothing women in looks and pieces that support and celebrates every known body type under the sun.

Omolara is women empowerment at its finest, and nothing they deliver is of a quality that is not fitting of the brand. From high fashion dresses and gown, to the most comfortable yet luxurious beachwear for ladies across Ghana and across the world, it is safe to say that this brand is doing their part in supporting a cause that is ultimately ideal: that whether we would like to believe it or not, the future of the world is and will always be female.


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