4 Things Weekend Students In Ghana Have Had Enough Of

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Being a weekend student seems like a fun idea in the beginning, but it gets to a point and you realize that it’s not all rosy. If you’re a weekend student in Ghana then you’ve just had enough, especially of these things in particular.

Lecturers Going For Funerals And Cancelling Class

In Ghana, the weekend is for having a social life. And that just means that sometimes you’ll be ready for class only to hear that it’s not coming on. Your lecturer has a funeral so no class. Make it make sense, Lord.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

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See the stress coming at you from every direction. It’s no joke, especially if you have a job that is demanding. How can you even manage to get some sleep. And no sleep will make you slow and irritated and just generally stressed out.

Combining School Assignments And Work Deadlines

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Imagine being given targets to meet at work, and then your lecturer also chooses exactly that time to assign you a random 10-page paper that will probably require you to read more than even 10-pages.

Having To Tranisiton From Work Mode To School Mode

One of the hardest and possibly the most stressful part of the whole thing is having to transition from work mode to school mode on the weekends. You’ll see the people around you getting ready to have what seems like the weekend of their life, but here you are now preparing for a different set of challenges.

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