10 Websites You Need To Bookmark If You’re A Student And We Mean Like Now

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If you’re a student in the university, prepare to have your mind blown. There are some websites that provide incredible utility for students geared towards making your life on campus easier. These websites cover everything from essential learning resources to how to find the next thing that you’re watching on Netflix. Get ready to bookmark more than a few of them.

1. Learn-anything.xyz

You can tell from the name that you can learn pretty much anything from this website. You just search for a topic, and you get a list of resources to learn that topic quickly.

2. Privnote.com

Although it’s a bit gimmicky, you’re going to love this website. You can type in a note, and then you’ll get a link to that note that you can share with anyone. Here’s the really special part. The note is destroyed as soon as anyone reads it.

3. Rainymood.com

There’s just something comforting about the sound of the rain. And for some people, rain sounds can bring a real focus boost. This website plays rain sounds to help you focus and it’s more effective than you might expect.

4. 10minutemail.com

Here’s a utility that should 100% go in your bookmarks. If you’ve ever needed a burner email just to sign up for something and never use it again, you should be using this website. You can create a fresh email to verify whatever service you’re signing up for, and the email address expires after 10 minutes.

5. Agoodmovietowatch.com

There’s the weird situation where you have a meal that you desperately want to sink your teeth in, but you can’t start eating until you find something to watch. This website makes sure that you don’t spend too much time looking. Whether you’re looking for a movie or a show to start, you can get amazing recommendations here.

6. Internetisawesome.xyz

This website has various collections of courses, under various different subjects, from top universities such as Havard, Yale, and MIT among numerous others. There is also a very wide range of subjects that you can pick from.

7. Ihavenotv.com

If you’ve been wanting to get into documentaries but could never really find documentaries on the subjects that you actually care about, then you need to visit this website. Here you can watch any number of documentaries on a large range of topics, and you can watch them for free.

8. Whatshouldireadnext.com

If you are someone who reads or is trying to get into the habit, one of the tough spots to be in is trying to figure out what to read next. With this website, you just enter the title of a book that you enjoyed, and you get recommendations for books similar to that one.

9. Appacademy.io

There are numerous reasons available on the internet for someone trying to learn to code. However, the reason App Academy stands out is that it provides a curriculum of sorts to get you from beginner to your goal.

10. Radio.garden

If you’re looking for online radio, there is literally no app that will do what Radio Garden can do. You can tune in to any radio station (wait for it…) anywhere in the world. Listen to radio from any country in the world with just a few clicks.

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