What People Think Vs What It Actually Means To Be An Introvert

Being an introvert seems like an “outta trouble” kinda lifestyle but trouble always finds a way to get to you even in your hiding spot. Unknowingly, introverts can hurt the people that surround them due to their way of being, which leads to people getting upset, mad or even annoyed with them. These people usually have no idea of whatever is actually going on. Here’s what people think about introverts and what the truth actually is.

People Think They Are Acting Up

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Introverts can be in a room full of people but never address other individuals. They can be among others silent but still look busy. Facing this scenario, people that do not know them often think they are acting up, arrogant, being important and so on.

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Meanwhile, the introvert might just be in their head probably worried about being in a crowded place, thinking of how to get to their safe space ASAP or even wondering whether they’re acting weird at the moment. It really do be like that.

People Think You Don’t Like Them

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Well, we are talking about individuals who live in their heads most of time. They keep on analyzing, trying to understand and creating different kinds of life scenarios. The fact that they seem that way most time that way makes people close to them not feel at place around them, unwanted and unloved because instead of talking or sharing their mind with them, introverts rather deal with their psychological personalities. Despite the fact that it isn’t wrong, and that introverted people don’t actually aim to hurt their surroundings intentionally; they just feel comfortable in their head that’s the one place they can be silly with no one ever judging mocking or destroying their hopes.

People Think You’re A Total Bore

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Just because I live in my head I can’t be fun?! People assume introverts are not fun; wrong, people! Awaken my senses and see what I can do on the dance floor. If you were to ask, I would say introverts can be the most effed up and that’s the reason why they keep it lowkey most times.

People Think You’re Weird

People: so, you don’t hang out?

Introverts: no

People: um, always indoors? No outdoors activities? Um.. do you have friends?

Introverts: yeah; haha no; well I have one or two

People: Wow!

Introverts: uhuh

People: You live in your head, prefer to be indoors, have little to no friends… hmm

Introverts: Yes.. um, is that wrong?

People: Can’t tell dude but that’s weird af*

Introverts: um but it, it’s not actually like that I can go out and do out door stuff it’s just that…

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People Think You Just Don’t Care

Introverts aren’t the most communicative people. They can disappear without anyone knowing and reappear when they feel like it; they are bad at responding, and keeping contacts. According to one introvert who often ghosts, “what will I say? Hi I’m fighting with my woes, gonna ghost real quick. Kindly do not disturb and enjoy your life, hasta la vista?” We fight constantly with ourselves” disappearing is a way of nurturing their soul, getting in contact with their own self and understanding where they stand.

People Think They Want To Be Alone All The Time

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Because introverts are who they are, people assume they always want to be alone. What they don’t know is that introverts don’t always want to be alone, they also can appreciate some company.

People Think Introverts Are Shy

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Not liking crowded places, talking to few people and staying low key do not mean shyness. A shy person can display those characteristics but an introvert can deal with a crowd and communicate when they have to. They are just introverted by nature and prefer being that way. It has nothing to do with them being shy or anything of the sort.

Ps: introverts can come in many types, anxious introverts can be people hiding as a result of shyness. Which isn’t really good as shyness makes you lose opportunities.

In case you have introverted friends or family, do not get mad at their nature. They will always be happy to have you understand their way of being. And will probably let you in their personal space; xx.

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