The 4 Hard Things You Need To Do To Write A Good Essay In The University

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Writing essays isn’t a thing that anyone gets excited about. But you do still need to write a good essay in order to not completely fail a course. Sure you freestyle the essay and get a D (you’d hardly get an F for an academic essay), but you can do better. There are just 4 hard things you need to do and you’re guaranteed to make a good grade.

Do Some Reading

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The first thing you need to do is get an idea of what your work actually means and answer the “where do I start?” question. In order to do that, Google the topic you have in mind for your research and see what’s already out there. Some research papers will be hard to read while others will make more sense to you. You get to choose what you read.Y

Come Up With A Good Thesis

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Your thesis is one statement that sums up what you’re going to do. It’s basically telling your lecturer something they might not know and giving your reason for saying that thing. Plus the more interesting, the better.

Start With The Body Not The Introduction

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When you’re writing your essay, the introduction is like quicksand. You can get easily get stuck on it if you’re not careful. To avoid that trap, start your essay with the body instead. This allows you to go straight to the ideas that you have, and the introduction will be easier to write later because you just have to summarize what’s already in the body.

Read Your Essay

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The final, and probably the hardest thing on this list is reading your essay once you’re done with it. If you want to know whether your essay as a whole makes sense, you have to read it from start to finish. Use Grammarly to check your essay for mistakes so that when you do read it, you’re actually reading the content of the essay and not correcting mistakes.



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