Juliana Akuka: This UDS Student Is Writing Her Story By Excelling In A Male-Dominated Field

Juliana Akuka Aventiwin (image via Shaq Express)

There are some jobs that are still perceived to be done by men only. One particular job that has gained prominence in Ghana in recent years and has been dominated by men is the delivery service via motorbikes.

However, a second-year student of the University for Development Studies (UDS), has taken a bold step to break that status quo just because she can.

Juliana Akuka Aventiwin grew up in Tilli, a small village in the Bawku West District in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The Bolgatanga Girls SHS alumna loves motorbikes and has been riding for 14 years now. Interestingly, she learnt how to ride on her own.

Riding For Fun

Juliana’s love for riding motorbikes now helps her earn income for school. Whenever she is on vacation, she joins Shaq Express (a logistics and supply chain company) to work as a delivery agent, and for her, it’s not just about the money she makes but the fun she has when riding around town to deliver packages.

“First of all I got inspired because I love riding so I saw it to be a form of having fun and earning income at the same time,” she told Kuulpeeps. “Besides that, I wanted to work with a company that cared for its employees and would treat me with respect and not look down on me as a female. ShaQ express makes me feel like a part of the family and they don’t discriminate on my gender or treat me like I don’t belong. That’s why I love working at ShaQ Express.”

“Also, I generally love to see people happy so another thing that inspired me is the smile I will put on people’s faces when I deliver their parcels,” she added.

Doing what she does every vacation at Shaq Express, however, goes beyond the money and the fun. Working as a delivery agent also stems from her passion to perform every task she is assigned to with diligence.

“I am most passionate at performing every task that I am assigned to at a particular moment in time in my best possible way to ensure that the most expected outcome is delivered at the end of the task. This is because I believe that, every task I perform or anything I do in this world affects someone in one way or the other. Hence, I do it with the mindset of letting whoever gets affected feels the positive outcome of my effort or action,” she said.

Future Model

When Juliana is not revving engines and zooming through town delivering packages, she loves to dabble in amateur modelling.

Juliana loves to take pictures hopes to be a photo and video model for brands and be used my multinational companies for their worldwide campaigns.

“I love to be a photo and video model for product and brands who people can use to advertise their products within Ghana, Africa and the whole wide world… but not the type of models that walk up and down on stag,” she said jokingly.

Making An Impact

As someone who grew up in the Upper East Region of Ghana, Juliana is determined to make a positive impact in the lives of less privileged people in the country.

Juliana Akuka and Berla Mundi

“I am so concerned about making positive change in the lives of vulnerable and needy people in my best ways possible to put smiles on their faces and to help improve their lives in one way or the other.”

“With respect to this, I am studying a program known as Development Education at the University for Development Studies which is a program solely aimed at promoting and ensuring sustainable development in various dimensions of the lives of individuals,” she added.

Her future plans, however, is to either set up a foundation to support needy and vulnerable people in her society or work hand in hand with different stakeholders to ensure that the living standards of the vulnerable and needy people are improved.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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