7 Experiences Your Uber/Bolt Ride Will Give You Today

TT in Taxi Driver

One thing about picking an Uber or Bolt is that once the trip is over, your day is not going to be the same. The experience will shape your day in one way or the other, and it’s almost always because of the type of driver you meet.

Here are 5 types of Uber and Bolt drivers you will encounter.  

  1. The Mayor Driver.

These drivers were on the committee for road demarcation in Accra. They claim to know the fastest route to any place. Who are you to mention the map or to try and give directions to your house or office? They know the roads better than you do, just sit back and enjoy your ride. However, if you get stuck in traffic and the price increases, you will still run them their money! 

  • 2. The Chatterbox. 

Imagine ordering a ride thinking you are escaping from the noise of troskis and hoping to enjoy your privacy. Solid dream, right?? Well psych!

Because this driver is going pull, grab and push you into a conversation by power, by force. So, you see those headphones?? Pop them back into your bag and relax, because you are in for rounds of “anaa bra meboa? wodwene ho sen?”

  • 3. The Evangelists.

It’s Saturday night, you are dressed and ready to go OUTSIDE, your ride is almost here and your squad is waiting. The ride starts 

and the driver turns to say, 

“Na maame wok) as)re b3n?”

 Now you are uncomfortable, pulling your skirt down and holding your shirt closer because how would he feel when after all this preaching you get down at Serallio and “Shut up and Bend Over” is blaring through the speakers?

  • 4. The H.B.K.

Is it just us or do Uber and Bolt drivers have the most bizarre heartbreak stories? These drivers have one release clause, “women.” Their stories are always about women leaving them to marry richer men. It’s worse if the ride has a discount, because how can you give him GHC 10 from Osu to Campus after the PAINS he just shared with you? Come on…

5. Anti- Mobile Money Drivers.

These drivers are the worst to encounter on a Sunday or late in the evening when there are no Mobile money vendors around. Even Telcos have stopped printing scratch cards because almost everyone has mobile money, but these drivers will still say No. After minutes of pleading, when they are convinced there is no other way to pay, they will magically find a number and tell you to add the charges.  So Kwesi Appiah, because of extra 1 Ghana Cedi??

  • 6. The Off-trippers.

You barely sit in the ride and these drivers will ask you to check the price because they want to go offline. They are always plotting their trips to win some kind of promotion but if the rider has a discount, then it’s hell breaking lose.

  • 7. Fast and Furious.

We get that you want to complete a number of trips before time, but can you slow down small for me, eh Ogbodjo Dominic Torreto?

Source : Kuulpeeps.com


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