5 Types Of People Always Present During A Sunday Twitter Feud

We all know the Sabbath is to be kept holy but with every rule comes an exception and this exception is live on Ghana Twitter. Sundays are almost always the messiest days to be on this bird app because tweeps always choose violence. While the mess is ongoing there are several reactions to the drama. Here are 5 types of people you will find on your Timeline during a Twitter Feud.

  1. The Meme Lords.

These are our favorite type of people. They ALWAYS have the accurate meme to describe the feud. From GIFS, memes to short Kuma wood videos that add more petrol to the fight. They are always representing for the BANTS. 

2.The Entrepreneurs.

Typical examples of “We didn’t come to Accra to look at the sea.” They are always looking for an opportunity to market themselves. You will find them under tweets with the most interactions, plugging their products. The regular culprits are the Jersey plugs and New Artistes. We are sure their Sunday prayers include violence just so they can make their money.

3. The Masses. 

Like the name suggests, majority of tweeps are on this table. They only come to laugh and enjoy the feud. Theirs is to make funny comments and add to the ratio on the timeline. You too go and fight and let someone enjoy some.

4. The Receipt Keepers.

This you??This you?? 

Twitter is the one place where people NEVER forget. On a normal day, your tweets don’t even get engagement so you think no one sees you. There are people lurking in the shadows, unless you don’t slack, someone always has your previous tweets which contradicts your current tweet and leaves you in the spotlight for trolls. You will be out here wondering when did I even tweet that?

Now we want to know, do these receipt keepers just randomly screenshot tweets waiting for you to slip up? 

5. The Activists.

Also known as the Agenda pushers. These are the people always looking for a deeper meaning than there is. No matter how unrelated the feud is, for them it will always circle back to any form of activism. For real, Kwame is not paying Kofi his money, what has this got to do with Gender wars??

Source: Kuulpeeps.com



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